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In a fast-changing diamond world, the global industry continues to seek out service providers who can combine adaptability and openness to modern methods of doing business combined with high levels of service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

EGL Asia, located in Hong Kong, is fully aware of these needs, and for these reasons invested in a state-of-the-art laboratory featuring the most modern equipment in the diamond industry which opened in June 2008. The Lab is operated by a highly experienced team of graders who are holders of grading diplomas from the largest and best-known internationally gemological institutes. Combining speed, accuracy and reliability, the lab is able to provide completely trustworthy results and a rapid turnaround time without compromising results. We offer express service times ranging from two hours (VIP service) to 48 hours.

Because EGL Asia is an independent gem lab and grading services are undertaken in-house, it retains complete control over the grading process. Customers are assured of the highest levels of accuracy and complete reliability in the grading process due to a specially created administrative structure. This internal management system ensures that customers cannot be identified, thus ensuring the complete anonymity of stones submitted. In short, EGL Asia is pledged to a strict and uncompromising operating code supported by some of the most sophisticated technology and highly qualified graders at work in the trade.

EGL Asia is also at the heart of the fastest-expanding region for diamond and jewellery sales. With the Chinese economy growing rapidly and creating huge demand for diamonds and jewellery, there is an enormous demand for high-level grading services with a speedy turnaround. In addition, China's impact is felt in the rest of Southeast Asia, and that means EGL Asia is handily placed to provide its high-quality services to the other major markets, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

With a name that has long been recognized worldwide as a byword for quality and reliability, an EGL Asia certificate serves as a diamond's passport, gaining it entry into world markets. Now, EGL Asia is stepping up a gear to provide unequalled service. Make our success your success too by making EGL Asia a part of your operations.

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