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Dear Customers,

We refer to the press release issued and disseminated by RAPAPORT on 8 February, 2015 at 2:13 p.m. in respect of the revocation of the licence with a gemological laboratory operated by Guy Benhamou.

For the avoidance of doubt, EGL Asia declares and clarifies as follows:

1. EGL Asia is an entity which is separate, distinct and independent from EGL International and the aforesaid revocation does not affect or prejudice EGL Asia or its authority to issue certificates or reports that carry EGL trademark or logo (collectively the "Documents");

2. EGL Asia has been and will continue to be authorized by the owners of the EGL trademark to issue the Documents; and

3. EGL Asia has been and is in good standing with all necessary power and authority to issue the Documents.

EGL Asia reserves all its rights to take necessary actions, including legal proceedings, against those who disseminate untrue, inaccurate or misleading message to the public in respect of the matter.

EGL Asia Ltd
Joseph Kuzi


就RAPAPORT於2015年2月8日下午2時13分就與Guy Benhamon運作的寶石實驗室的許可被撤銷一事而發出及散發的新聞稿,為免生疑問,EGL Asia現聲明及澄清如下:

(1) EGL Asia與EGL International為互相獨立、分開及不同的個體而上述許可的撤銷並不影響或損害EGL Asia或其就發出有EGL商標或標誌的証書或報告的權力或權限(合稱"該等文件");

(2) EGL Asia一直並會繼續被EGL商標擁有者授權發出該等文件;及

(3) EGL Asia一直並會繼續有良好地位並擁有一切必要的權力及權限發出該等文件。

EGL Asia保留採取必要的行動的權利(包括法律程序)以針對向公眾就上述事宜散發失實、不準確或具誤導性的訊息的人等。











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