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Diamond Cleaning Options

What is the best way to clean your diamond?

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Professional Diamond Cleaning vs. Home Remedies

There are many methods you can use to clean your diamond jewellery. You can take it to a professional diamond cleaner, or you may want to save money and clean it at home. What is the best option? Experts suggest that it is better to be careful while using it and clean it at home on a regular basis. This saves both time and money if the user can do it at home.

Professional Diamond Cleaning

Take Your Diamonds to the Jeweller for Cleaning

It is recommended to take your diamond to a jeweler once a year to check that the mountings and prongs are still strong. If they are damaged than the jeweler can repair them to ensure that the diamond doesn't fall out. At the same time, the jeweler will clean your diamond. Although this may be a more costly method, however, the jeweler understands your diamond's proper condition and will not just clean but ensure that the diamond is still set correctly.

Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner

Ultrasonic jewellery cleaners use high frequency sound waves combined with chemicals. This solution creates bubbles that latch on to the dirt, oil, and other contaminants tarnishing your diamond jewellery. The high frequency sound waves pull the contaminants off of your jewellrey. Bubbles attach to the contaminants, collapse after they and move to the surface of the chemical solution creating what appears to be a boiling solution.

Often when choosing to use the ultrasonic diamond cleaner you will take your diamond to a professional. However, there are machines available to use at home.

Cleaning Diamonds at Home

There are a number of methods you can use to clean your diamonds at home.

Brush, Water and Soap

Using a small soft brush and a warm solution of mild liquid detergent or mild soap and water is a cheap and easy way to clean your diamond. Make sure that the brush you are using is clean before you start to scrub your diamond. Try not to touch the diamond with your fingers during the cleaning process.


Cleaning your diamonds in the dishwasher can give an amazing shine to your jewellery. When washing your diamonds in a Dishwasher an extra unit - usually made of heatproof polypropylene - needs to be added into the top rack of the dishwasher. The hot water combined with dishwashing detergent forcefully enters through the small holes of the unit to remove the grease and dirt build-up from your jewellery. This works better than cold water solutions, however, you must be cautious not to lose your diamond in the dishwasher.

Polishes & Diamond Cleaning Products

There are a number of cleaning products available that you can buy and use including: clothes laced with polish, liquid polish, and foam polish. Cleaning your diamond with a soft cloth is a good way to get back the shine. When choosing a liquid polish, be sure to avoid solutions containing high concentrations of ammonia.

Commercial diamond cleaning products provide an easy and convenient method for jewellery maintenance. However, if used improperly, they can be very harmful and potentially damage your diamond. You must be sure to read the labels to decide which product is right for your diamond and what amount is required for effective cleaning.

Home Remedies for Cleaning Your Diamonds

There are a variety of household products you could use to clean your diamonds:

  • Vodka: Soak your diamonds in a glass of vodka and rub them lightly with a cloth to dry.
  • Bleach: Dish soap mixed up with a drop of bleach can be used to make a powerful solution for cleaning your diamond. Be sure not to add too much bleach or you could end-up damaging your diamond.

The most important thing when cleaning your diamond at home is drying your diamond properly after washing it. Moisture is very harmful to diamonds. You can pat it dry with a clean lint-free cloth or jewellery cloth.

What Not to do When Cleaning Diamond Jewellery at Home:

Cleaning jewellery at home saves both time and money. But improper cleaning could lead to irreparable damage. These are a list of things you should not do. Avoid:

  • Soaking diamonds in high concentrations of bleach or ammonia.
  • Putting them into the microwave to dry.
  • Washing them directly in extremely hot water or in dishwashers.
  • Boiling them.
  • Using harsh solutions or detergents rather than the mild ones.
  • Using harsh cloths to pat diamonds dry or to polish them.
  • Exposing diamonds to harsh perfumes, hairspray or other cosmetics.

The best way to assure your diamond will be properly cared for is to take it to your jeweler for a professional cleaning. When using home remedies to clean your diamonds and jewelry there are no guarantees they won't be damaged.

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