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Guide to Diamond Shapes

This classic round shape is the most popular. It accounts for more than 75% of diamonds sold today. Round shaped diamonds match classic, value oriented women. It is an ageless choice.

This perfectly proportioned design is popular among women with smaller hands or short fingers because creates the appearance of a lengthened hand.

This shape was inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour. Its shape indicates a desire of lavishness and glam.

This shape is a cross between oval and marquise. It is particularly flattering on hands with small to average-length fingers. The teardrops are also stunning when used for pendants or earrings.

This rectangular shape is known as a step cut because its concentric level surfaces look like stair steps. This shape is popular with women who love old world elegance and sophistication.

This is a square or rectangle cut diamond and is relatively new. It is often seen in solitaire engagement rings. The shape is flattering to a hand with long fingers.

This symbol of love is for the true romantic. It is essentially a round-shaped diamond with a cleft at the top. The sides are then cut in the shape of arches which creates the final appearance of a heart. When selecting a heart shaped diamond, pay to the outline of the cut and evenness.

This square or rectangular cut combines the grace of the emerald shape with the brilliance of the round shape. Its 70 facets amplify its color refraction.

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