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EGL Asia and China’s NGGC laboratory conclude exclusive agreement:
diamonds issued with EGL Asia cert will receive NGGC cert as well

Shanghai, China: January 26, 2011 - Hong Kong-headquartered EGL Asia and NGGC, the state-owned Chinese diamond grading laboratory, have announced that they have reached an exclusive agreement according to which customers of the two laboratories who wish to receive a diamond grading certificate from both organisations can do so by paying only for the EGL certificate.

The agreement, which was finalised in Shanghai today is a first of its kind, meaning that EGL Asia is the only diamond grading laboratory to have such an understanding with China’s prominent gemmological association.
“We are immensely proud about what we achieved here today,” said Joseph Kuzi, CEO of EGL Asia. “Not does it indicate the degree to which our grading integrity is appreciated and respected by NGGC, but it also shows our continuing commitment to provide better service to our customers.”

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