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EGL Asia and Sigma International Gemology sign MOU to issue EGL diamond grading reports in Singapore

Hong Kong, SAR, China, —June 21, 2011: At the conclusion of the June Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair, EGL Asia, the only EGL diamond laboratory operating independently in Asia, and Sigma International Gemology (SIG) of Singapore, announced today the companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will allow SIG to represent EGL Asia in Singapore.

Walter Tan, Director at SIG said: "We are very pleased with this MOU as it will provide the customers of our lab an option to receive an internationally recognized certificate EGL diamond grading report through our SIG facilities in Singapore."

Yossi Kuzi, founder and CEO of EGL Asia stated the cooperation with SIG was part of his lab's long term plan to engage other existing, independent gem labs that operate in different geographical areas in Asia and to set up alliances with them. "The signing of this MOU with SIG is part and parcel of our strategic plan to provide local solutions and as such improve the service to our customers throughout Asia," he said.

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