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Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphires are found in: Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Australia.  They are members of the corundum mineral family, the second hardest natural mineral on the earth.  Sapphires are composed of beryllium, aluminum, oxygen and silicon.

In addition to jewelry, sapphires are also used in: armored vehicles, military armored suits, crystals in high quality watches, grocery store windows and barcode scanners. Since this material is exceptionally hard it is resistant to scratches.

Colors and Types of Sapphires

Sapphires are well known for being blue color, however, they can be found in a variety of colors such as: yellow, grey, black, pink, green, orange and even colorless. 

Pink corundum is usually referred to in gemological terminology as pink sapphire rather than ruby.

Yellow and green sapphires are fairly common, whereas the pink and orange are rarer.  Perhaps the rarest sapphire is known as "Padparadscha" which is a combination of orange and pink.

Another rare sapphire is called the "color change sapphire" changes color in different light; blue in outdoor light and purple under bright indoor lights. They may also be greenish under fluorescent light and pink in daylight.

A more common version of the stone is the "star sapphire" which presents a 6-point-star pattern or 12-point-star pattern when viewed under a single light. The star shape is the result of intersecting needle-like inclusions in the stone. 

Sapphires in Jewelry

Sapphires are very popular in the jewelry industry including: bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, brooches, tiaras. The sapphire is symbolic for love, deep feelings, loyalty, trust and eternity. For this reason, sapphires are becoming a popular choice for engagement rings. 

What Is The Healing Value Of Sapphires?

Sapphires are also considered to have healing properties for:

  • arthritis and other painful conditions that affect joints and muscles
  • mental illnesses
  • abdominal pain

Sapphires are believed to improve concentration. It is suggested that people seeking enlightenment and knowledge should where a sapphire on them.

Gemological Certification of Sapphires

Gems such as sapphires are certified to verify the authenticity of the stone. A gemological certificate will often have a photograph of the stone and include information such as the weight, cut, measurements, enhancements, and any other essential features noted during the certification process.

Gemological certification institutes employ trained gemologists who use a variety of scientific methods and test equipment to thoroughly examine your sapphire or gemstone.

When acquiring certification for your sapphire, avoid certificates issued by the sellers themselves. In this case you should take the sapphire to reputable independent organizations that are recognized in the industry, or, only buy sapphires that have already been certified by a recognized gemological institute.

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